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Is Teaching Synthetic Phonics to Children Who Can Already Read a Form of Child Abuse?

    Is The Teaching Of Phonics Really That Bad? I’ve just read the pamphlet ‘To read or not to read: decoding Synthetic Phonics’ by Dr Andrew Davis, which was in the news this week.  It’s available to read at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/  – (Impact 20: 2013).  In it he states: To subject either the fully-fledged readers, […]

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Can Phoneys Pseudo Word Cards Help To Improve My Year One Phonics Screening Check Results?

Yes they can! The sets of 4 graded packs of Phoneys Pseudo Word Cards provide an opportunity for children to read non-words and practise their recognition and blending of graphemes from the earliest stages in their phonic development.  This can help all of your children make progress in blending sounds in alien or non-words, and […]

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